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NJ Education Administrative Certifications

Jerry Jellig has helped turn school districts around and has done so while serving multiple different positions over the years. One of the most impactful roles that Jerry Jellig has performed is as superintendent of the South Brunswick School District in New Jersey.

Before being appointed superintendent by the South Brunswick Board of Education, Jerry Jellig had to earn his administrative certification for the State of New Jersey.

All candidates that wish to obtain their administrative certification in New Jersey must have a master’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university. An administrative certification is needed in New Jersey for educators who wish to serve in any of the following roles:

  • School administrator
  • Principal
  • Supervisor
  • School business administrator

To further explain the details of these administrative roles, here is a quick guide of their tasks and responsibilities.

School Administrator: This type of certification is required for any position that involves services as a district-level administrative officer. These types of positions include superintendent, assistant superintendent, and director. Individuals who hold these positions are responsible for forming district-wide goals, plans, and policies, as well as managing their district’s budget. These individuals are also authorized to oversee the administration and supervision of school-level operations, staff and programs.

Principal: This certification is needed for those trying to become the principal or a comparable title within a specific school or school district. The types of positions that need this endorsement include assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, principal, assistant principal, vice-principal, and director. Once certified, they are authorized to direct and supervise school operations and programs and to evaluate school staff.

Supervisor: The supervisor certification is needed for those who want to become a supervisor of educational instruction and athletic directors who do not also need the standard principal endorsement. These types of supervisors are defined as any school officer who has authority or responsibility that continues the direction and guidance of the work that the educational institution provides. Assistant superintendents in charge of curriculum and instruction are also required to have this certification.

School Business Administrator: The chief financial officer of a New Jersey school district is required to have the school business administrator certification. Other positions that require this endorsement include assistant superintendent for business and school business administrator. Those who have this certification perform duties at the district level in regards to areas of the financial budget planning, financial accounting and reporting, and insurance purchasing.

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